It has been beautiful these past few days. I have been enjoying my clothesline immensely.

Yesterday I did three loads all my bedding and every bit was dried on the line. Today three more and two on the line. I am trying to get it all in before the rain tomorrow.

If you look closely you can see the cover on the pool one of the sad things about fall.

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Finally finished

I have been working on this String Quilt for probably about a year, I should really write down when I begin a quilt, well maybe not it would give me anxiety to finish it.  Actually it has been a year. I don’t know if I can call it a quilt, I never actually quilted it, just sewed the blocks together and added a back.

Here are some pics:


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Summer is over

Summer is over. The cover is on the pool.

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The Phils

Congratulations, lets make it all the way to the series!

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Design Wall Monday

Yesterday I spent most of the cleaning up my quilt room, but I also had time between a visit with the kids and a little bike repair to make these blocks.  It is a very simple quilt using an Oz charm pack. I think this is the last time I buy a charm pack. I just don’t like the variety or lack thereof.  I just felt like the most plain fabric was repeated many times, while the most interesting and that with the most variety there was only one square. Maybe, I just noticed it more because of the quilt I was trying to make with it. Anyways, enough belly aching, this is the quilt I made, not sure I like it but I will finish it and we will see where we go from there.

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I love sandwiches

I really do love a good sandwich.

Growing up dad did all the grocery shopping. He would get up early on a Saturday, and first stop was the the deli for lunch meat, he would come home, unload and then to the next store, feeding ten kids was a lot of work.   I would make a bologna, cheese and mayo with lettuce and tomato on a kaiser roll. It was so good.

Today I made a quilt sandwich and I made it in the kitchen.  I have made a couple of quilts with pieced backs and I have not been happy with the results. So I was in the kitchen the other day and thought I can line up the quilt back with the tile line on the floor, so I did.

This is what I did:

First I cleaned the kitchen floor, that was just and added bonus 🙂

This is the back of the quilt:

Placed the back right side down and aligned the top edge along the grout line, I then searched my quilt room for 10 minuted looking for the tape (I had already brought it down and put on the chair ready for use) I then flattened the quilt bottom and taped it along the edges:

Then came the batting, I did smooth it down.

Then I centered the quilt top on the batting:

Pinned and ready to quilt:

There you go. I think I’ll have some lunch now, with all this talk of sandwiches.

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I have been looking at all these hexagon all over the land of blog. On my quilt bucket list is a Grandmother’s Flower quilt, but I don’t know if I have the patience.  I am loving these hexie quilts. I have a bunch of solids from Nortnie’s quilt so I decided to make something using bits from the leftovers.

This is it in progress, I have just about all the individual hexagons finished and then I am going to pieced them all together.

This is going way faster than I thought it would. I was thinking this is can be my fall/watching football project, but I might be finished the top before the season even begins, but it will probably take me all season to hand quilt it. I think I am going to use it as a table topper for the table it is on.

On another topic about my really funny, but odd husband.  He likes to buy in bulk, we do not have a house that supports that type of ‘problem’  – read: very little storage – we live very close to many stores and there are only two people living in this house.

So two years ago and I do remember when is was, because I had sent him out to buy supplies for S’mores for our 4th of July party, he came home with the fixings for the S’mores and 20 bottles of hand soap for the bathroom. Today I finished the last one.

Goodbye soap, wonder what he will purchase next, for only two people 🙂

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